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2007年4月10日 – 安阿伯,美国密歇根州 ODVA今日宣布,ODVA的成员之一,电力和控制领域的世界领先企业——施耐德电气集团正式升级成为ODVA的核心成员,将大大加强对该组织的支持,ODVA的其他核心成员包括思科系统(Cisco Systems)、伊顿电气(Eaton Electrical)、欧姆龙公司(Omron Corporation)和罗克韦尔自动化(Rockwell Automation)。施耐德电气更深地参与ODVA契合了其通用工业协议(Common Industrial Protocol,CIP™)规范的扩张计划,该计划的主旨在于加强对Modbus/TCP的支持,以使Modbus/TCP设备兼容于通用工业协议所构建的网络。这一扩张计划将使现有的Modbus/TCP用户畅通无阻地使用CIP网络体系结构,同时也保护了他们的自动化投资。
施耐德电气增加对ODVA的支持反映了该公司采用EtherNet作为其网络策略基础的计划。由这家全球“财富500强”企业采取的该措施,是业界持续推动在自动化网络技术中采用基于标准的、无改动的以太网技术和Internet技术的重要信号。用户一方面将受益于两类应用最广泛的工业以太网技术 - EtherNet/IP与Modbus/TCP - 之间显著提高的互连互通性能,另一方面将受益于日益增多的其他自动化产品供应商的加入。同时,用户布设并维护其网络结构的成本、时间和风险都将得到降低。
“我们的客户希望那些采用标准无改动以太网的网络可以实现工厂底层的互操作性及无缝集成,同时需要面向控制、信息、配置、安全、同步和移动的网络,”施耐德电气负责自动化业务创新的高级副总裁Adrien Scolé这样说。“对现有的Modbus/TCP产品和系统,通过与CIP中所包含的完整服务包结合,EtherNet/IP是满足我们客户需求的最佳兼容性方案。鉴于这些原因,我们期待着与ODVA的合作能够同样帮助EtherNet/IP成为使用最广泛的工业网络。”
ODVA的执行董事Katherine Voss对此表示同意:“ODVA很高兴施耐德电气提升了与ODVA的合作水平,以及对ODVA现有技术的支持,其中包括EtherNet/IP。在推动工厂底层乃至整个企业采用标准无改动以太网技术的潮流中,施耐德电气是业界的领导者。ODVA期待借助施耐德电气在自动化领域的广泛经验以及在以太网和Internet技术上的专业实力,继续扩展ODVA技术的功能。施耐德电气在选择工业以太网方案构建其网络策略时,将用户利益摆在了首位,ODVA对此表示特别的敬意,该解决方案可实现多厂商系统间的互操作性,保护客户的投资。”
根据ARC咨询集团最近的市场调查,EtherNet/IP 是从2001年才开始被采用,安装节点现已超过1,125,000,EtherNet/IP和Modbus/TCP成为两个最受欢迎的工业以太网协议,占到了50%的全球市场份额。
“这是自动化工业的一个巨大发展”,ARC咨询集团的高级分析师Harry Forbers说,“在工业以太网这样一个战略领域,自动化巨头进行如此紧密的协作实在是非同寻常,这一方面增加了ODVA及其自动化工业领域CIP网络技术的价值,另一方面,Modbus/TCP的用户也可以从CIP网络中受益。而且,施耐德电气的产品也会从CIP的诸多功能中受益,但是用户才是真正的赢家,这是施耐德加入为未来的CIP网络提供更为宽广的选择范围。”

Users can expect continued growth in global adoption of EtherNet/IP™ for factory floor to enterprise-level communication

April 10, 2007 – Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. ODVA today announced that Schneider Electric, S.A., a worldwide leader in power and control and a member of ODVA, will significantly increase its level of support for the organization by becoming one of its principal members, alongside Cisco Systems, Eaton Electrical, Omron Corporation, and Rockwell Automation. Schneider Electric’s increased participation in ODVA coincides with ODVA’s plans to extend the CIP Network specifications to provide compatibility of Modbus/TCP devices with networks built on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™). This extension will give existing Modbus/TCP users a clear path to CIP Network architectures while protecting their automation investments.

Schneider Electric’s increased support of ODVA reflects the company’s plans to deploy EtherNet/IP as a foundation of its network strategy. This action, by a global fortune 500 company, is a major indication of industry’s continued push to adopt network technologies for automation that use standard, unmodified Ethernet and Internet technologies. Users will benefit through significantly increased interoperability between the largest installed base of industrial Ethernet networks - EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP - as well as between automation products from a growing number of vendors. Combined, these benefits will reduce cost, time and risk for users deploying and maintaining their network architectures.

"Our customers want the interoperability and seamless integration of the factory floor that networks using standard, unmodified Ethernet can provide, and one network for control, information, configuration, safety, synchronization and motion,” said Adrien Scolé, Senior Vice President of Innovation for the Automation Business, Schneider Electric. “EtherNet/IP is the answer to meeting our customers’ needs by providing compatibility with existing Modbus/TCP products and systems in combination with the complete suite of services contained in CIP. For these reasons, we are eager to team with ODVA to help make EtherNet/IP the most widely used industrial network available."

Katherine Voss, Executive Director, ODVA, agreed: "ODVA is delighted Schneider Electric is increasing its support of the organization and our technologies, most notably EtherNet/IP. Schneider Electric is an industry leader in driving adoption of standard, unmodified Ethernet technologies on the factory floor and throughout the enterprise. ODVA looks forward to leveraging the vast experience of Schneider Electric in automation and their expertise in Ethernet and Internet technologies to continue to expand the capabilities of ODVA technologies. ODVA especially salutes Schneider Electric for putting users first in making the decision to build its network strategy with an industrial Ethernet solution that provides interoperability of multi-vendor systems and protects the customer’s investment."

EtherNet/IP was introduced in 2001 and has more than 1.125 million installed nodes. EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP are the two most popular industrial Ethernet protocols, representing over 50 percent worldwide market share, according to the most recent market study from ARC Advisory Group.

“This is a big development in the automation industry,” said Harry Forbes, Senior Analyst at ARC Advisory Group. “It is unusual to see several automation majors joining in such close collaboration, especially in a strategic area such as industrial Ethernet, and it adds to the value of ODVA and its CIP Network technologies in the automation industry. Automation users of Modbus/TCP can now look forward to benefiting from CIP Networks. Schneider Electric products will also benefit from the many capabilities of CIP, but end users will be the real winners here because future CIP Networks will offer an even broader range of choices.”

Schneider Electric plans to have its next generation of EtherNet/IP products, incorporating connectivity to existing Modbus/TCP devices, in 2008. ODVA will provide an overview of the concept planned for The EtherNet/IP Specification to support Modbus/TCP devices on EtherNet/IP networks at its next press conference scheduled for Monday, April 16, 2007 at 15:00 hr in the Dresden Room of the Convention Center at the Hannover Fairgrounds in Hannover, Germany.




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